Only the Young, can run

For the majority of nearly 250 years, old white men have had their turn at running the United States via the presidency, senate, and congress.  In the last election it was great to see women attain 23 and 25% in the House and Senate though non-whites are still only make up a smaller percentage.  Regardless, perhaps it is a reason for hope that things are trending so that one day our representation will be as diverse and vibrant as the population they are supposed to represent.

Before reading on, I recommend clicking here and letting this lyric video play in the background so you can listen.

On a related note, despite being a white man closing in on 50 years old, I am Swiftie.  That’s right, I have seen Taylor Swift in concert four times and continue to be impressed with her as a human being and artist.  It is refreshing to see an artist publicly taking a stance for human beings.  I do agree with her perspective.

They aren’t gonna help us

Too busy helping themselves

They aren’t gonna change this

We gotta do it ourselves

They think that it’s over

But it’s just begun

Only the Young, can run

The picture at the top of this blog might have caught your eye.  It is a picture of the leaders of countries who have flattened the coronavirus curve and protected their citizens effectively by quickly implementing social distancing measures, ramping up testing capabilities, contact tracing, etc.

So if you are a young person, please consider what you can bring to the table to help our divided society.  And regardless of who you are, once we are Out of the Woods, apply some critical thought and preparation for your physical or virtual trip to the polls.