30 day challenge recap: accessorizing the sun

As a follow up to my previous “30 day challenge: Accessorizing the sun” entry, I have had great success at having my small devices leverage the solar panel and external battery for power. The one core complication I had was my Anker battery died in late June. I assumed the warranty would only be 90 days and that I would be out of luck but I called Anker support on a Thursday and they told me it was a one year warranty and had a new battery with a 75% charge in my hands by Tuesday. They were incredibly efficient and it was a human who answered the phone and helped me troubleshoot and get all my information without the need for a single transfer to another department. During that weekend without the battery I needed to charge directly from solar but thankfully the weather cooperated and I maintained keeping my devices from leveraging any traditional electric outlets.

My son has joined in and is using of few of his and my daughters batteries as his sole source of power for his mobile phone. This adds some competition for time charging batteries off of the solar panel but thus far we are managing to share effectively. He is about one month in using only solar power and I am about 2 ½ months in. It is pretty cool to see him take on this challenge as well and at the same time my daughter has written letters to our local members of congress asking for more action on climate change initiatives.

I have not yet finalized what my next challenge will be but have some thoughts and am open to suggestions.

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